Текст песни группы Drowning Pool - Numb - Desensitized (2004)

(Drowning Pool Numb - Original Song Lyrics)


Drowning Pool - Numb - оригинальный текст песни с альбома группы Drowning Pool - Desensitized (2004)



To the man looking back at me
Said, why don't you go away
We've all heard your misery
You've been bleeding it for days end

And it's plain when I look into your eyes I see
All you want is everybody's sympathy

So why don't you take all of this and go away
So why do you always look to me this way
When it seems like tomorrow might not come
And it seems like the sorrow has left you numb

And to the world I see
Said, we've sat and watched you shine
Pack up all your guilt and please
Leave it all behind

And it's plain when I look into your eyes I see
This could be the way you want your life to be


Now you're gonna bleed
So why don't you just tell me


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