Drowning Pool Interview - Band Discusses Latest Self-Titled Album

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Drowning Pool Interview - Band Discusses Latest Self-Titled Album

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Drowning Pool Interview - Band Discusses Latest Self-Titled Album

Drowning Pool has undoubtedly had a difficult career, with hardships coming at the band from seemingly every direction. Though Drowning Pool hit it big thanks to the success of the single "Bodies," they didn't have much time to enjoy the situation. Vocalist David Williams passed away from a heart condition, and their next singer, Jason Jones, only recorded one album with the group before moving on. Eventually, the band found Ryan McCombs, who has just completed his second album with the band, a self-titled disc released on April 27. Recently, guitarist C.J. Pierce discussed the writing of the album. According to Pierce, having some time off after the band's previous effort, Full Circle, allowed the band to develop some new ideas.

"After we put out our last CD...I just sat at the house, and came up with about seven ideas," he said. "We started working from there, and the next thing you know...we pretty much had a good chunk of the CD - about ten to fifteen songs - written."
But the band's work wasn't done at that point. Pierce said that Drowning Pool continued to push the bounds of their creativity and tried to find new ideas even after completing 15 songs. According to Pierce, once the band began refining what they had, they were in the zone and were able to produce more material.
"Whenever we had a day off from touring, we went into the studio and tried to come up with even more stuff," said Pierce. "I think some of the best songs actually came right there at the end because you're already in a comfortable mood."

Pierce said that Drowning Pool ended up with 20 songs by the time they were ready to record the album. Pierce also said that having a vocalist return for the first time offered some consistency and helped the writing process along.
"It was something very new for us, because it seemed like after every time we made a record, the bottom fell out and we had to start from scratch again," said Pierce. "Getting to know [McCombs] personally really made it a lot easier for me as a songwriter."

And McCombs was also willing to try out new directions and alter his delivery, which enabled Pierce and the rest of Drowning Pool to evolve their sound and create something fresh for fans.
"We wanted to try something new with this being our fourth album," said Pierce. "We kinda pushed Ryan on a few songs to actually really sing. I think he has a great singing voice."

And while Drowning Pool does offer some different sounds, Pierce was sure that old fans of the band would still like it.
"Honestly, I could never be more proud of working with these guys on the CD we just made," said Pierce.

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